AUHSD Distance Learning

As Anaheim Union High School District transitions to Distance Learning, we want to share the following video that provides an overview of how Distance Learning will work for students and teachers:

You can also find translations of this video here:

Here are some important points:

  • The video provides a clear explanation for teachers, students and families how distance learning will take place in the AUHSD.
  • Students' home learning environments vary, which may impact their physical and emotional states and their disposition towards learning.
  • Distance learning is when the student and teacher are in different locations, but through the use of a variety of communication methods, including video and audio instructions, delivered through various means like online interaction, television, video, telecourses, and telephone, instruction is still able to take place.
    • This may also include printed instructional materials that “are subject of written or oral feedback,” such as written packets provided to a student and graded by their teacher.
  • Schoology will be the main platform the AUHSD will use to engage students in distance learning. Schoology’s operational state can be viewed at:
  • Teachers will post assignments, expectations and instructions for completing each assignment every week for all students in all of their classes in Schoology.
  • Students will work independently and submit their assignments as directed by the teacher.
    • Lessons will continue to meet state standards and incorporate the 5Cs.
  • Teachers may schedule virtual meetings through Schoology once or twice a week at the regularly scheduled class time.
  • Google Meets can be used for Office Hours (although Schoology is preferred).
  • Teachers may also be available during virtual office hours which will be posted weekly.
    • Office hours can be open to all students or be designated for a specific group of students determined by the teacher.
  • Students can email teachers with questions throughout the week, and teachers will respond within a 24 hour period, unless it is a weekend or holiday.
  • Through synchronous meeting times and virtual office hours, teachers will be available to facilitate guided instruction and support for students who need additional help.
  • Students will follow their regular schedule for live, real-time, virtual meetings with their teacher for that period.
    • A student may meet with their period 1, 3, 5 teachers on Monday and period 2, 4, 6 teachers on Tuesday for guided instruction, delivered online, through a virtual, synchronous meeting.
  • When students are not meeting with their teachers for these synchronous meetings, they will work on assignments, projects, and readings assigned by their teacher asynchronously, or independently.
    • If a student has a question about the material at hand, they can always email their teacher through Schoology or through their district email address with their question or concern and the teacher will respond within 24 hours.
  • Office hours will also be available for students as determined by their teachers. During this time students will connect with their teacher and other students in a synchronous, real-time meeting, using either Google Meet or the Schoology Conference feature.
  • As a reminder, during distance learning, teachers do not meet with students every day but will respond to students through emails as needed.