Salary Schedules

Classified Salary

           2015-16 Complete AUHSD Salary Schedule

           2016-17 Complete AUHSD Salary Schedule

           2017-18 Complete AUHSD Salary Schedule (as of 4/1/18)

           2018-19 Complete AUHSD Salary Schedule


Certificated Salary

  • Administrators Salary
    2017-18 Administrators Salary Schedule (PDF)

  • Counselors Salary
    2017-18 Counselors Salary Schedule (PDF)

  • Substitutes Salary
    The Anaheim Union High School District recognizes that substitute teachers are an important provider for student learning. Instruction must be a continuation of the daily educational program.

    In order to reinforce the importance of quality instructional time when the regular classroom teacher is not present and provide a rate of pay commensurate with performance expectancies for student learning, the AUHSD Board of Trustees has approved the following rates of pay:

    Day to Day Service $125 per day
    Long Term Assignments $140 per day

    There are additional responsibilities when serving in a long-term assignment. To compensate for the additional expectations, substitutes serving in a long term assignment shall be compensated $140 per day. A long term assignment is recognized on the 11th consecutive day and paid retroactively to the first day of service.

  • Teachers Salary
    2017-18 Teachers Salary Schedule (PDF)