Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


What is an online class?

  • Assignments are accessed and submitted entirely online through a safe, secure Web site, PowerSchool Learning (previously Haiku)

  • Assignments are completed throughout the week from anywhere you have computer and Internet access

  • The teacher and students in your online class might be located at another AUHSD school

  • You will collaborate and communicate with your teacher and other students using a variety of online tools that are available in the virtual classroom, PowerSchool Learning (previously Haiku)

  • Your online class will be offered exclusively online(however, some classes require periodic face-to-face meetings for testing purposes)

  • Your online class does not require traditional “seat time”, but you do need to log in every school day, and complete assignments in a timely manner

  • Your online class can be taken from home or from anywhere you have computer and Internet access


Do online classes meet the same graduation requirements as traditional classes?

  • Yes, all online classes follow the same board-adopted curriculum and textbooks as the traditional face-to-face classes offered at your high school


What are your online teacher’s credentials?

  • All AUHSD online classes are taught by fully certificated AUHSD teachers who are highly qualified and content experts in their curricular area


Why would I choose to take an online course?

  • You want a flexible schedule, like the online environment, and are a self-motivated learner

  • You want to take a variety of courses

  • You want to prepare for college and the workplace


How is an online class different than traditional, face-to-face classes?

  • You will interact frequently with your teacher using BB Collaborate, email, blogs, podcasts, videos, Wiki’s and/or discussion boards in the class Angel Learning Web site instead of a traditional face-to-face classroom setting

  • Your online course is paced by your teacher on a weekly basis

  • Online teachers offer weekly virtual office hours

  • Assignments are given and submitted entirely online through a password protected virtual classroom, PowerSchool Learning (previously Haiku)


What do I do if I have questions or problems?

  • If you have technical problems, contact Reuben Patino at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Email your virtual teacher immediately

  • Your teacher’s email address is posted on the AUHSD eLearning Web site


What are the technology requirements?

  • Internet access is required for enrollment

  • Access is available through each high school library, as well as, public libraries