Human Resources - Classified

Human Resources - Classified

Directory / Tel: (714) 999-3548   Fax: (714) 220-4502

NEW LOCATION: Please note that HR-Classified staff are now located across the parking lot from the main office building next to the Food Service department.


Brandon Tietze
Executive Director, Human Resources Classified
(714) 999-5667
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Personnel Commission Members:
Paul Andresen
Audrey Cherep
Charles Darrington


Jeff Gilbert
HR Assistant
Tel:(714) 999-3549
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Melanie Thomasson
Employee Relations Analyst
Tel:(714) 999-2576
Send an email: thomasson_me@auhsd.u

Marie Ragazzo
HR Analyst
Tel:(714) 765-7824
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Main Number
Tel:(714) 999-3548

Fax Number
Tel:(714) 220-4502

Maryam Daghighian
HR Technician
Tel:(714) 999-7756
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Custodial, Grounds, Maintenance, Facilities, Transportation, Warehouse, Food Service Drivers, Technology, Athletic, Security

Natalie Durley
HR Technician
Tel:(714) 999-7718
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Instructional, Developmental/Health, Library, Assessment, Language Support, Graphic Arts, Purchasing

Michelle Steck
HR Technician
Tel: (714) 765-7826
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Clerical/Secretarial, Food Service, Fiscal, Guidance, Personnel, Tutors, Babysitters, Interns, ASB Workers