Submit Work Order


The Maintenance Department's job is to support district sites.  The most efficient way services can be provided in a timely manner is through utilization of M&O's computerized maintenance management system.  Work orders should be submitted to request repairs to existing building systems.

Requests for new building systems, or improvements to existing systems a Facility Improvement Request should be submitted using the link below.

Note:  If the work is an emergency, the site should call the M&O office immediately, and then submit a work order, noting that M&O was called. 

To follow up on a work order that you submitted, you can simply log in to your account at: and check on the status of your work order.  If you need further assistance, call the Maintenance Department at 714-999-3581.

If you need help creating your account, or you are having difficulty submitting a work order, use the following links to guide you.

Resources (click the links below):