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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I need something in my room repaired, how can I get it fixed?

A: The Maintenance Department operates a computerized maintenance management system, Schooldude, for all maintenance requests.  You can find out more about the work order system by clicking here.

Q: I'm trying to enter a work order, but my password is not working, what do I need to do?

A: When you are entering a work order through, you will be required to enter your "submittal password" on Step 8.  The password can be found at the top of the work order request page in the header; this is different than your login password.  If you continue to have problems, call the Maintenance Department at 714-999-3581.

Q: I have bugs or rodents in my room, what can I do?

A: Report the problem to your Plant Manager or enter a work order wtih a description of the problem and your room number.  The District has an integrated pest management plan that relies on treatment of pests using the least toxic methods possible.  You can find the plan at our website, or by clicking here.

It is unlawful to bring pesticide products from home for use in classrooms.  The Healthy Schools Act, passed by the legislature in 2000 requires school districts to follow specific requirements regarding the application of pesticides in schools.  Use of household products or over-the-counter bug sprays creates a danger to the applicator and to the students, but may also hinder our efforts to effectively manage the population.  You can find out more about the Healthy Schools Act by clicking here.

Q: My room is too hot/too cold.  Who do I report this to?


Q: I lost my keys, what do I need to do?


Q: Can I paint my classroom?

A: No.  The Maintenance Department has employees whose job it is to paint our schools.  Additionally, maintenance staff will know which products and colors are approved for use and which products are compatible with the existing surface.  Use of improper or incompatible products will result in painting deficiencies which will lead to much more work for our department to correct.  Many of the surfaces in the District may still be painted with oil-based paint that will need to be properly prepared before a new coat of paint can be applied.  

The District maintains a standard list of colors and types of paint to improve the efficiency of the Maintenance Department.  It is not possible for us to stock and supply an unlimited number of color options when repainting classrooms.

Areas that ahve been painted by unauthorized staff or that are not consistent with the District standards will be subject to being repainted and restored to the District standard at the expense of the school site.

For more information about making a request for painting in your classroom, see the Facility Improvement Request Guide by clicking here.