Basic Information for School Registration and Enrollment

AUHSD Families, 
In an effort to keep our families safe, our Summer Registration events will be scaled down and optional for families that need extra support with three essential activities:  Completing online enrollment, clearing immunizations, and applying for the free and reduced lunch program. The support will be by appointment only during the scheduled Registration times:  Registration Schedule by site for support only.  All other activities will be completed once school is in session.
Here is the information to complete each of these activities online:
Support for Online Enrollment:  Aeries Parent Portal Resources

AUHSD Registration and Enrollment during School Closures

If you have further questions please contact your school Registrar/Records. Here is the list of Registrar/Records at all sites: Registrar/Records Email ListOr contact Aeries Helpdesk: aeries_helpdesk@auhsd.


If your students were previously enrolled in any AUHSD school or are  incoming 7th Grade students from Anaheim, Magnolia, Centralia, Cypress and Savanna Elementary School Districts that are now Pre-Enrolled at AUHSD please follow the instruction below:

Pre-registration (selection of courses) for students takes place in the spring of the preceding year for students who attending one of our feeder district schools.  Counselors meet with students to develop/revise their 6-year educational plans based upon graduation requirements and individual interests.  Parental approval of student plan is required by parent signature.

Registration, Phase 1 begins April 2020.  Families are strongly encouraged to complete Phase 1 prior to the end of the school year in May.

Registration, Phase 2 is complete at each school site during the two weeks prior to the first day of school on August 12, 2020. Phases 1 and 2 must be completed before students begin school.  Families new to the community should contact the nearest AUHSD school to their home for further information.

Please go to the following link to the Aeries Parent Portal:


If your students are New students from out of the area NEVER enrolled at AUHSD please follow the instruction below to enroll your new students:

First, Complete Aeries Air. After completing Aeries Air, you must email the Registrar/Records at your site and provide the following documents as scanned documents or emailed pictures. Here is the list of Registrar/Records at all sites: Registrar/Records Email List.

Needed documents:

  1. Gas or electric bill showing parent/guardian's name and address
  2. Student's birth certificate or passport
  3. Transcript of prior work in grades 7-current year
  4. Immunization Records
  5. California test scores or equivalent
  6. If student is an English Language Development student, a copy of their prior CELDT and/or ELPAC scores