AUHSD e-Learning

Program Overview


The Anaheim Union High School District (AUHSD) offers a variety of online courses in order to  prepare students for an increasingly competitive global economy.

AUHSD online courses provide access to a collaborative learning environment that facilitates 21st Century skills development to ensure students evolve as competent 21st Century citizens and workers.  Online courses provide flexible scheduling, increased course offerings, and instruction that integrates 21st Century skills.

Online students interact frequently with their  teachers and other students using a variety of online tools available in the virtual classroom, PowerSchool Learning (previously Haiku).  Assignments  are given and submitted entirely online through PowerSchool Learning (previously Haiku).  Online courses do not require traditional “seat- time”; however, students are required to log in every school day.  Online classes can be taken from home or from anywhere students have computer and Internet access.