NCAA Eligibility Documents

*Free Recruiting Webinar

This webinar is a great tool for students, parents, coaches, athletic directors and guidance counselors.  

*NCAA Eligibility Center

There is an Initial-Eligibility Resource Index which is a new tool that describes all of the NCAA Eligibility Center’s materials and presentations.  All of the listed materials and presentations have links included for easy access.

*NFHS offers a  free NCAA Initial-Eligibility Course

Click on Free/Elective Classes.  Then click on NCAA Eligibility Center.


It is a 30-40 minute video that will familiarize you with the new academic requirements and the center’s registration and certification process required for college-bound student/athletes.



Link to register as Athletic for NCAA - Click here: Creating Account

Link to High School NCAA Approved Courses - Click here: High School Selection

Click here to see: AUHSD Academic Rubric (PDF)

Click here to see: NCAA SAT & ACT Requirements (PDF)