HS Athletics Policies

Anaheim Union High School District is committed to providing athletic programs that promote and develop sportsmanship, ethical conduct, teamwork, physical skill and competitiveness. It is our belief that sports should be an enjoyable, dynamic, and integral part of the educational experience, providing students with meaningful learning opportunities not otherwise offered in the classroom.


Everyone connected with the athletic program should remember that the purpose of high school sports is to benefit the students - not the schools, the coaches, or the community.The overall goals of high school sports are to:

  • Foster the value of participation without over emphasizing the importance of winning

  • Improve positive citizenship traits

  • Develop well-rounded individuals capable of contributing to society

Students should be encouraged to participate in the sports for which they have interest and aptitude and should not be limited to a single sport. However, limitations on individual participation on teams or in games may be imposed based upon:

  • The skill or achievement level of the individual

  • The needs of the group/team

  • Funding limitations

  • Availability of staff

Schools may not charge participation fees for athletic programs, however, due to the high costs of high school athletics, fund-raising is used to offset the cost of such items as uniforms and tournaments. All students are expected to work with their coach to help reach team fund-raising goals. In addition, the following costs are considered the responsibility of the athlete:

  • School insurance or proof of insurance

  • Yearly physical by a licensed medical doctor

  • Basic equipment such as shoes, glove, etc.

  • Banquet expenses

Students are encouraged to remember that competition in interscholastic athletics is a privilege, not a right. Along with that privilege comes the responsibility to conform to standards established for high school athletic teams. California Interscholastic Federation/Southern Section (CIF), Anaheim Union High School District Board Policy, leagues and schools each have rules and procedures which teams and individuals must follow. Eligibility rules dealing with academic performance, residency requirements and age requirements are critical to each athlete’s future within a program.