Applying for an F-1 Student Visa (I-20)

F-1 Students

Welcome to the Anaheim Union High School District’s International Student Information page. This information is for international students who are seeking a one-year public high school experience. All of our comprehensive high schools are SEVIS approved.  Students that are accepted will be provided an I-20 document.  The I-20 document is necessary to apply for an F-1 Student Visa. A student who receives an F-1 Student Visa is eligible to attend one school year at a public school within the United States.  Please navigate the Home Page of our webpage to view our high schools. 
• The application period is open after March 1.  Please be advised that AUHSD first semester begins in early August.  
• The application packet must be completed accurately and complete (including supporting documents) prior to receiving an I-20.  This includes the processing and tuition fee.  
Students who wish to attend a public high school in the Anaheim Union High School District on an F-1 Student Visa will be required to receive an I-20 application form. In order to receive the I-20 Form, students must fill out the application form (below) so that the District can determine if the student is able to fulfill the requirements for acceptance. Please contact David Green regarding tuition  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 714-999-3766  (including a $250 non-refundable deposit).
Applications are to be submitted to David Green (714-999-3766) in Student Support Services or can be scanned to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Please follow the steps outlined in the application for any New I-20 or F-1 Transfer Student.  Please see application below.
When Do I Need to Apply for My F-1 Student Visa?
•   Students are encouraged to apply for their visa early to provide ample time for visa processing (January). Students may apply for their visa as soon as they are prepared to do so.
•   Students should note that Embassies and Consulates are able to issue your student visa 120 days or less, in advance of the course of study registration date. If you apply for your visa more than 120 days prior to your start date or registration date as provided on the Form I-20, the Embassy or Consulate will hold your application until it is able to issue the visa. Consular officials will use that extra time for application processing.
•   Students are advised of the Department of Homeland Security regulation that requires, that all initial or beginning students enter the U.S. 30 days or less in advance of the course of study start/report date as shown on the Form I-20. Please consider this date carefully when making travel plans to the U.S.
For more detailed steps on “How to Apply” please review the information on the U.S. Department of State – Bureau of Consular Affairs (U.S. Visas) and the Student Exchange and Visitor Programwebsites.
To apply for acceptance to AUHSD’s International Program, the student will be required to:
● Download and complete AUHSD’s application
● Scan and email the completed application to our Student Services Department
● Demonstrate the ability to pay for one year tuition and stay in the U.S. (bank affidavit) 
● Have a legal guardian present and available here in the U.S.
● Provide a Medical Power of Attorney that is present and available within the U.S.
● Translated transcripts (AERC is the translation company used)
● Letter of recommendation from current school administrator
● Immunization paperwork in English for California’s required immunizations.
● Score proficient on a language assessment.
Students who are accepted will be required to:
● Make an appointment with the Language Assessment Center
● Guardian / Caregiver will meet with Student Services.  Must have Visa
Students who are enrolled will be expected to:
● Live with an adult at all times
● Maintain a minimum G.P.A. of 2.0
● Follow all school policies and procedures including attendance and behavior expectations of the school.
A student may be withdrawn from the Anaheim Union High School District if there is:
● Lack of regular attendance
● Continued school failure after appropriate counseling
● Failure to comply with additional requirements for the student
● Continued actions contrary to the accepted practice of the school
● Failure to meet financial obligations
● Possession of firearms or weapons
● Theft, vandalism, possession or use of alcoholic beverages or narcotics on or off campus or at a school function
● Seriously endangering fellow students or the reputation of the school on or off campus.  Any action, by the student and / or parent, considered serious enough as determined by the administration
Guardianship Requirements:
● Must have notarized affidavit
● Meet with AUHSD Student Services
● Must communicate with Student Services regarding any contact information / address change for the student
● Must provide a furnished bedroom and appropriate surroundings for the student
Caregiver Requirements:
● Provide a furnished bedroom and appropriate surrounding for the student
● All of the following and not limited to, signing absence verifications, acknowledging school notifications and monitoring student’s academic progress
● The home should be comfortable and a place where the student feels comfortable