Attendance Options


All children 6 to 18 years of age residing in California are required by law to attend school each specified day until:

• they graduate.

• they pass a state proficiency examination and leave school with parental permission.

• they reach 18.

• they are 16 or 17 years of age, are employed full-time, and attend school a minimum of four hours a week.

Married, emancipated minors (permitted by court order to live alone), and teenage mothers are required to meet the compulsory attendance requirements.

Parents are required to report absences by telephone to the school before noon the day the absence occurs, or in writing upon the student’s return. Unacceptable excuses for absences include minor head and stomach aches, taking antibiotics, asthma (except an attack), conflicts, extended vacation, family visits, too tired, can’t get up, head lice beyond minimum days, babysitting, helping mom.

Valid absences include genuine illness, family funeral, medical or dental appointments, religious holidays, court appearances. Students will be allowed to complete assignments and tests administered during their absence if the absence is valid.

Excessive or unauthorized tardiness will not be tolerated by the district. For specific information on tardiness, consult your local school policy.

Students leaving campus for any reason during school hours must have written parental and Attendance Office approval prior to leaving campus.

Permission to attend school other than full-time can be granted only by the school district.

The district School Attendance Review Board (SARB), a legally constituted panel of police and probation officers, parents, community members, county agencies and school representatives decide whether a parent and/or student is in violation of school attendance laws. When attendance violations occur, the board has the legal right to summon the parents and students for a hearing.