Section 8000 - Students

Board Policy Section 8000 - Students

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81200 Student Gifts and Solicitation (PDF)

81300 Student Board of Trustees Relations (PDF)

81500 Official Records - Students (PDF)

81502 Pupil Records (PDF)

81502.01 Federal and State Reporting Requirements : Economically Disadvantaged Students (PDF)

81503 Student Recognition Board Policy (PDF)

8200 Section 504 (PDF)

8201.02 Vandalism - Care of School and Personal Property (PDF)

8400 Student Attendance (PDF)

8400.01 Excuse of Students From Attendance (PDF)

8401 Summer School : Failing Grades for Excessive Absences (PDF)

8402 Free Schools Guarantee Pupil Fees (PDF)

8402-R Free Schools Guarantee Pupil Fees Regulation (PDF)

8408 School-Based Health and Social Service (PDF)

8409 Health Examinations, Student (PDF)

8410 Immunization Requirements (PDF)

8410.01 Tuberculosis Testing (PDF)

8411 Contact Sports - Participation With Paired Organ Disability (PDF)

8412 Head Lice (PDF)

8504 Absences and Excuses (PDF)

8533 Student Assignment to Alternative Education (PDF)

8534 Residency/Assignment to Schools (PDF)

8535 Transfers, Interschool, Involuntary (PDF)

8535.5 School of Choice/Intradistrict Transfer (PDF)

8536 Transfers-Interdistrict (PDF)

8538 Admission (PDF)

8539 Universal Access (PDF)

8540 Education for Homeless Children (PDF)

8601 Electronic Signaling Devices (PDF)

8603 Student Dress and Grooming (PDF)

8603.02 Withholding Student Grades, Diplomas and Transcript (PDF)

8603.05 Extracurricular Activities / Clubs / Organizations (PDF)

8603.12 Grooming, Athletic (PDF)

8604 Concussion Policy Revised (PDF)

8605 Married / Pregnant / Parenting Students (PDF)

8607 Police Department Interrogations and Investigations (PDF)

8607.01 Searches of Student Lockers (PDF)

8609 Student Demonstrations and Strikes (PDF)

8610 Freedom of Speech and Expression (PDF)

8700 Student Discipline (PDF)

8701 Gang, Tagger, Crew and/or Clique Affiliation and Activity (PDF)

8701.01 Anti-Bullying Policy (PDF)

8702 Student Discipline, Progressive (PDF)

8703 Academic Honesty (PDF)

8704 Student Suspension (PDF)

8705.01 Student Expulsion (PDF)

8705.02 Student Readmission from Expulsion (PDF)

8706 Chemical/Controlled Substance and Tobacco Use (PDF)

8706.01 Steroids/Performance-Enhancing Supplements Use (PDF)

8707 Safe and Secure Learning Environment (PDF)

8708 Sexual Harassment, Students (PDF)

8803.03 Information for Use in Emergencies (PDF)

8803.04 Students-Administering Medication (PDF)

8803.05 Suicide Prevention (PDF)

8806 Students: Child Abuse and Neglect (PDF)

8900 Nondiscrimination / Harassment (PDF)