Section 7000 - Instructional Program

Board Policy Section 7000 - Instructional Program

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71101.01 Evaluating Pupil Progress (PDF)

71101.01.01 Junior High School Promotion/Retention (PDF)

71101.02 Grading System (PDF)

71101.03 Granting of Additional Grade Points for Selected Courses (PDF)

71101.04 Participation in Extracurricular/Co-curricular Activities: Minimum Academic Standards (PDF)

71101.05 Teacher Record Books (PDF)

71102 Homework, General Policy (PDF)

71105 Graduation Requirements (PDF)

71106 Graduation Requirements (Waiver Form) (PDF)

71106.01 Graduation Requirements - Alternative Education (PDF)

71106.02 Adult Education Program (PDF)

71106.04 Granting of Credit (PDF)

71200 Proficiency Testing Program (PDF)

71300 Student Assessment (PDF)

71402 Teaching About Controversial Issues (PDF)

71404.01 School Ceremonies and Observance (United States Flag) (PDF)

71405.02 School Ceremonies and Observances (PDF)

71407 Baccalaureate Services (PDF)

7200 Academic Freedom (PDF)

7400 School Day-Closed Campuses (PDF)

7500 School District Organization Plan (PDF)

7510 Adult Education (PDF)

7600 District Curriculum and Instruction Task Force (PDF)

7605 Arts Education (PDF)

7610 Physical Education and Activity (PDF)

7610-AR Physical Education and Activity AR (PDF)

7701 Chemical Use Prevention Program (CUPP) (PDF)

7701.01 Comprehensive Health Education (PDF)

7701.01-AR Comprehensive Health Education (PDF)

7701.02 Comprehensive Sexual Health (PDF)

7701.02-AR Comprehensive Sexual Health (PDF)

7701.07 Drug Education (PDF)

7701.09 Exemptions From Describing, Illustrating or Discussing Human Reproductive Organs (PDF)

7701.15 Content for Courses Which Discuss Sexual Intercourse (PDF)

7702.01 Special Education (PDF)

7702.02 Completion Certificate (PDF)

7702.05 Policies and Procedures Workability Program (PDF)

7702.09 Education for English Learners (PDF)

7703.01 Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures (PDF)

7704.02 Student Publications (PDF)

7704.08 Contents for Students (PDF)

7704.11 Music Organizations (PDF)

7704.12 Student Body Organizations (PDF)

7704.15 Application and Approval Procedures for Student Organizations (PDF)

7705 Research and Surveys (PDF)

7804 Reporting to Parents - Student Registration - Schedule Changes (PDF)

7805 School-Based Program Coordination (Admission) (PDF)

7807 Independent Study (PDF)

7901.01 Selection, Adoption and Use of Instructional Materials (PDF)

7901.02 Challenge of Instructional Materials (PDF)

7901.03 Student Use of Technology (PDF)

7901.03R Student Use of Technology - Regulation (PDF)

7901.05 Surplus Instructional Materials (PDF)

7901.10 Incidental Materials, Adult Education (PDF)

7902 Duplication and Use of Copyrighted Materials (PDF)

7903.02 Use of Guest Speakers (PDF)

7903.11 School Sponsored Off-Campus Activities (PDF)

7903.13 Field Trips and Excursions (Non-School Sponsored Educational Tours) (PDF)

7903.14 Use of District, Rental and Private Automobiles for Off-Campus Activities (PDF)

7905 California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Responsibility (PDF)