Section 6000 - Personnel

Board Policy Section 6000 - Personnel

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6106 Sexual Harassment - Employees and Applicants (PDF)

6201 Equal Opportunity - Employment (PDF)

6201.01-R Non-Contract Employee Pay Rate (PDF)

6201.02 Compliance With the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) (PDF)

6202.01 Staff Consultation (PDF)

6203.01 Conflict of Interest Code (PDF)

6203.02 Confidential Information (PDF)

6203.03 Incompatible Activities of School Employees (PDF)

6203.04 Conflict of Interest Code-Coaching Athletics (PDF)

6205.01 Employee Protection (Personal Security) (PDF)

6205.02 Reimbursement for Personal Property Loss and/or Damage (PDF)

6205.03 Tuberculosis Examination (PDF)

6205.04 Safety Responsibility of Employees (PDF)

6205.05 Universal Precautions (PDF)

6205.06 Exposure Control Plan for Bloodborne Pathogens (PDF)

6206 Employee Participation in Conferences Conventions and Seminars (PDF)

6207 Staff Participation in Political Activity (PDF)

6208 Staff Participation in Community Activities (PDF)

6209 Employee Use of Technology (PDF)

6212.01 Personnel Records (PDF)

6213 Resolution of Employee Complaints Relative to Board Policies (PDF)

6301 Positions - Qualifications and Duties (PDF)

6301.26 Coordinator, Educational Resources (PDF)

6302 Certificated Employment for Temporary and Probationary Employees (PDF)

6306 Substitute Teacher Salary Schedule (PDF)

6307 Substitute Counselor Salary Schedule (PDF)

6308 Adult Education Substitute Salary Schedule (PDF)

6309 Adult Education Teacher Salary Schedule (PDF)

6312.02 Staff Development (PDF)

6313 Committee on Assignments (PDF)

6314 Alternative Assignment Authorization (PDF)

6315 Teacher Assignment (PDF)

6316.01 Criteria for Layoff and Rehire of Employees With Same Date of Hire (PDF)

6316.02 Resignation - Certificated Personnel (PDF)

6316.04 Separation (PDF)

6317.01 Tutoring for Pay (PDF)

6317.09 Professional Consultants, Resource Persons, Contractors and Student Services Providers (PDF)

6317.15 Tobacco-Free School and Workplace (PDF)

6317.20 Drug-Free Workplace (PDF)

6317.25 Professional Attire (PDF)

6317.32 Fringe Benefits-Retirees (PDF)

6317.33 Leave of Absence for Certificated Employees Receiving Disability Allowance (PDF)

6318.04 Staff Gifts and Solicitation (PDF)

6318.31 Use of Internal Means of Communication and Access to District Property (PDF)

6401 Family Care and Medical Leave - All Employees (PDF)

6402.44 Personnel - Certificated Management/Classified Supervisors and Confidential (PDF)

6405.01 Classified Substitute Pay Scale (Classified Support Services Unit) (PDF)

6405.02 Classified Substitute Pay Scale (Support Services Unit) (PDF)

6405.03 Classified Substitute Pay Scale (Management/Confidential Unit) (PDF)

6409 School Clerical Personnel Allotment (PDF)

6417.02 Classified Employees - Progressive Discipline (PDF)

6418 Performance Evaluation - Management Personnel (PDF)

6500.01 Personnel Negotiations/Public Notice (PDF)

6516 Staff Concerted Job Actions (PDF)

6517 Assurances to Probationary Employees (PDF)

6601 Seniority (PDF)

6602 Catastrophic Leave Program (PDF)

6603 Administrative Personnel Health and Welfare Benefits (PDF)

6603.01 Health and Welfare Benefits for Management Employees Upon Retirement From District Service (PDF)

6604 Administrative Substitute Salary Schedule (PDF)

6604.01 Certificated Administrators on Extended Illness Leave (PDF)

6605 Leaves and Absences - Management Employees (PDF)

6606 Administrator Reassignment (PDF)

6607 Administrative Promotion Procedures (PDF)

6608 Certification of Administrators (PDF)

6609 Part-Time Employment - Early Retirement - Administrators (PDF)

6613 Administrators Personnel Files (PDF)

6614 Administrators/Supervisors Participation in Community Activities (PDF)

6616 Salary Schedule Advancement, Longevity Pay and Doctoral Stipend Administrators (PDF)

6617 Participation in Conferences, Conventions and Educational Events - Administrators (PDF)

6619 Administrative Work Year (PDF)