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Enrollment / Transfer, Students

Registration / Enrollment / Tel: (714) 999-3576

Support Staff

Mrs. Jamie Millan / email: millan_j@auhsd.us


Enrollment Requirements for Next School Year:

For students new to our District from out of the area.  Visit the school closest to you and bring...

  1. Gas or electric bill showing parent/guardian's name and address.

  2. Student's birth certificate or passport.

  3. Transcript of prior work in grades 7-current year.

  4. Immunization Records.

  5. California test scores or equivalent.

  6. If student is an ELD student, a copy of their prior CELDT Scores.

For continuing students and new 7th graders from Anaheim City, Magnolia, Centralia, Cypress and Savanna School Districts:

Preregistration (selection of courses) for junior and senior high school students takes place in the spring of the preceding year for students who live in the Anaheim Union High School District. Counselors confer with students to develop/revise their 6-year educational plans and to complete a program of classes based upon graduation requirements and individual interests. Parent approval of the student's program is designated by the parent's signature on the returned program card. Enrollment, Phases 1 (ZippSlip online)  begins during the months of March and April so that parents of all students can complete Phase 1 prior to school ending in May.

Most schools conduct their Enrollment, Phase 2, (school visits) during the two weeks prior to the opening of school in August. All parents must complete Phases 1 and 2 before their students may begin classes. Students new to the community need to contact the school nearest their home for appropriate information.



Transfer Students / Tel: (714) 999-2171

Support Staff

Alicia Ramirez / email: ramirez_a@auhsd.us


Students who transfer from within our district or from another district during the school year.

The student will be enrolled in the same courses, or closely related courses, as taken in the previous school. If special problems are evident the local school administrator will pursue appropriate optional placement.

For more answers regarding Student Transfers, please contact the Administration Office at (714) 999-2171 or (714) 999-3509.

Beginning with the next school year, the Anaheim Union High School District will be starting school earlier. Students will start the 2nd week of August, and finish before the Memorial Day Holiday.Please keep this in mind when planning your summer vacations.


Student Transfer Parent Letter (English) (PDF)

Student Transfer Parent Letter (Korean) (PDF)

Student Transfer Parent Letter (Spanish) (PDF)

Student Transfer Parent Letter (Vietnamese) (PDF)

Program Improvement Transfer History/Information (PDF)