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Hot Weather Guidelines

We are still in that period of the year when we are likely to see elevated temperatures and changes in humidity that can cause dehydration and heat-related illness problem for students and staff. 


Attached you’ll find the OCDE / HCAOC Hot Weather Guidelines for use in determining when it is appropriate to modify classes or practice schedule to insure the safety of students and staff. Please modify activities appropriately and discuss the importance of proper hydration with your PE Students and Student Athletes. We recommend distribution of this valuable resource to all your coaches, parents of student athletes and for posting in athletic department offices and locker rooms.


In addition, here is a link that will give you access to the latest information on temperature, humidity and the Heat Index (a number in degrees Fahrenheit that tells how hot it really feels with the heat and humidity) for your site:


And also a link to the OCDE’s valuable high school sports hydration resources website, where you can access and download Hydrated & Healthy – All Sports All Seasons tools including videos resources to share at student-athlete, parent, and coaches meetings. 


Intramural Directors and PE Department Chairs have been ask to communicate with their Administration in determining the appropriate course of action at their sites. If you have any questions or if I can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Yours in health and fitness,

MJ Cooke Elliott
District Intramural Programs Director
AIME Director
Physical Education/Health Programs Specialist
714-999-3794 Office
714-404-4001 Business Cell


Heat Guidelines Chart (PDF)

Hot Weather Guidelines 4 Athletes (PDF)

Hot Weather Guidelines 4 Schools (PDF)

Hydrated & Healthy (PDF)