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Cleaner Campuses are Coming to AUHSD

A whole new system of cleaning our campuses is being introduced in the Anaheim Union High School District, and the public will see the improvements.

“We expect to see cleaner schools,” says AUHSD M&O Director Lance Bidnick. “The crews will be able to clean more efficiently, better, and with better products. Better sanitation at school sites will improve the school environment.”  

The company, Waxie Sanitary Supply in Santa Ana, provided special training for more than 100 custodians and others involved in keeping our campuses clean.

“It’s a big thing,” Mr. Bidnick said. “We are making all efforts to keep our schools clean, and this partnership makes that possible.”

Mr. Bidnick said the training, which is ongoing, is part of a whole program Waxie is providing the District. “They are also selling us the chemicals, which will reduce the number of chemicals we use. We had eight chemicals to do what we needed to do before; now, we have four. The chemicals will save us money. We’ll able to reduce inventory since all the ordering is done online.”

The company is putting in dilution stations where you can mix the new cleaning solution to the right level. The custodians will be cleaning/disinfectant/anti-microbial solution that eats the crud, but does not corrode the drains. The all-purpose cleaner will be given to teachers to use. The company is also providing free soap dispensers at no charge with the AUHSD logo. (Advantage West has a contract with Waxie, which provides custodial supplies and services.)

We had a pilot program at Western High School and Oxford Academy, where areas were swabbed with a big, cue tip-like device with reactive chemicals that measure the luminescence of the area and find biomass, which is the quantity of living organisms. The biomass lights up like lightening bugs. (The intensity of the light indicates how much biomass there is.) Biomass can be any living thing, fungus, bacteria, or virus that is nonspecific. We have started the testing at every site, and we have seen improved cleaning techniques.

“We intend this to be the first step in the professional development of our custodians,” Mr. Bidnick said.