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Anaheim Union High School District updated their cover photo.






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Please join us on April 27, 2017, for a district-wide event on emerging drug trends. Attached are some flyers with more information for those wishing to attend.






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We love hearing about the wonderful achievements of our alumni. Here is another great story that we want to share with you all. This is 2010 Cypress High School Grad, Jamil Douglas. He is now a Guard for the New England Patriots and is now a Super Bowl LI (2016) Champion! We have famous graduates in all walks of life and now sports is another one of them! Congratulations Jamil Douglas!!






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Every school has a super supporter and every year the Anaheim Leadership Team Association, comprised of administrators and classified management, hosts its "Friends of Education" event honoring the people who devote their time and talents to our schools and students. Our deep gratitude goes to all our Friends of Education: Jim Fassel, Anaheim High School...Anaheim High School is unique for its traditions and strong alumni support, and Jim Fassel is no exception to this statement. Jim Fassel is an alumni that played football for Stanford, went on to claim his fame as coach of the NY Giants. He recently was involved with the Las Vegas Locomotives. When the organization decided to fold, Jim donated equipment from Las Vegas to Anaheim High School. We had three semitrucks pull up to the school to deliver state of the art weight equipment, machines, trainers equipment and office furniture valued at over $100,000. In addition to the donation, Jim and his wife, Kitty, donated a new floor in the weight room so students would not injure them-selves. Jim is a Colonist who believes and lives our motto: Once a Colonist, Always a Colonist. Raquel Ramirez, Ball Junior High School...Raquel Ramirez has been an actively involved parent at Ball Junior High School for the past three years. She is a mother of three children ages 10, 12 and 17 who's oldest children have both attended Ball. Raquel has been instrumental in increasing PTSA membership, parent participation and fundraising to support our academic programs and intramural sports. She has participated in and helped to plan numerous school events in support of our students. She has come out to support our school and district at board meetings, during Servathon and our Celebrate our Schools Event. Mrs. Ramirez has also served on our school site council and participated in Learning Walks. Thanks to Raquel's incredible work and dedication, Ball Junior High School has achieved 100% teacher membership in PTSA for the past two years. Raquel is an invaluable member of our school community, and even though she recently relocated to Cypress and her son now attends Lexington, she still makes the drive to our side of town and volunteers in our school and has wholeheartedly continued her role as our President in support of our school. She is amazing and we love her! Mindy Dwyer, Cypress High School… Mindy Dwyer has been a regular volunteer at Cypress High School for the last 22 years. She and her husband, AP Physics teacher, Kevin Dwyer, have chaperoned nearly every dance since then, as well as attended multiple grad night events and senior activities. Mindy is (understandably) most dedicated to her support of Physics Club activities. She chaperones and photographs the annual boat races, Angry Nerds, the egg drop and many other Physics Club activities. She attends Astro Camp and the Disney/Knott’s roller coaster days and at the end of each year, she produces the annual physics club video. In her "spare" time, Mindy works as a software engineer and has raised 2 amazing Cypress High School graduates. We appreciate Mindy and her support of her husband, her children, and Cypress High School. Claudia Rodriguez, Dale Junior High School… Claudia Rodriguez is a very caring, enthusiastic and motivated parent that loves to learn and help others. Claudia has participated in Boys Town parenting classes during her students’ elementary years and understood the importance of helping out not only her child, but all of the students at school. This school year, Claudia is one of the most involved parents at Dale JHS. She is involved in our Parent Greeter program every day, she facilitates our Parent Leadership Academy Trainings: an eight week parent to parent program where they learn how the school system works. She participates in our Parent Learning Walks, school-wide events, Back to School Night and Open House. She has become a critical member of our parent leadership team at Dale this year, and is always willing to give the gif of her tie for all students and parents at Dale. Claudia welcomes every parent with a smile and encourages them to become an active parent volunteer. Dave Mahony, Gilbert High School…Since 2013, at the end of each quarter, Dave has donated ten skateboards for students to assemble with his help. We do quarterly raffles for students who win "gold tickets" as part of our PBIS incentive program. Dave's mission has always been to provide kids with skateboards who can't aford them, but want to skate, and we turned out to be a perfect ft. His ongoing generosity is just fantastic Dave believes it is important for kids to put together their own boards, choosing each and every component, to develop a sense of ownership and achievement. This has been a huge success for our school, and a wonderful way to award our students for finding success at Gilbert, Gilbert West, and Polaris. Mark Doherty, Hope School... Mark Doherty, has been a proud sup-porter of Hope School for over a decade. Through the efforts of The Buena Park Moose Lodge No. 1945 and their annual Coach's Golf Tournament (held in June), thousands of dollars have been donated to Hope School. These donations have assisted Hope School to begin new projects and fortify the ones already established. As a Board Member of the organization, Mark has shown his appreciation for Hope School and it is now our turn to return a small recognition for his continuous support. Ana Escamilla, Katella High School…Mrs. Ana ‘Mercy’ Escamilla is Katella's Friend of Education. Mrs. Escamilla is a lead trainer in our Parent Leadership Academy. She is ELAC President, Member of DELAC, PTSA and an active participant in the LCAP process. Mrs. Escamilla volunteers at the school in a variety of venues. Most recently, she was a key leader in our Kruise to Katella event where all incoming 9th graders participated and many of their parents joined. Mrs. Escamilla is a model parent for encouraging other parents to learn and grow. She recently partcipated in Katella Talks where she presented on the importance of growing as a parent, as well as, youth being kind to their parents. At the beginning of March, Mrs. Escamilla was one of our parents that participated in the California Coalition for Educational Excellence visit that came to evaluate the District's LCAP process. In addition, she will be presenting Katella’s Parent Leader-ship Academy at the annual CABE conference. Not only is Mrs. Escamilla involved at Katella, she is also active at the elementary level with her son and involved in the 4th District PTA. Mrs. Escamilla truly represents the meaning of a friend of education; she gives her time for the betterment of Katella, AUHSD, and our community. Mira Quilaton, Kennedy High School… Mira is an amazing volunteer for Kennedy and AUHSD. Mira not only regularly volunteers for school events, she is also one of the frst presenters for the district’s Parent Leadership Academy in Korean. She has spent countless hours working with the district and Kennedy's F.A.C.E.S. to prepare and present the modules to parents. Mira is part of our WASC committee, serves on the district LCAP Committee, and is a founding member of the newly formed parent group, "We Are The First." Mira serves as mentor and leader for parents and has donated countless hours to our schools. It’s no wonder her name means she who watches, because Mira truly is watching out for the well being of all of us. Mary Sanchez, Lexington Junior High School…Mary Sanchez started working at Lexington in 2006 as a part time office assistant. While working here at Lexington, she was a hard worker and always willing to help in any capacity. Unfortunately due to budget reductions, Mary was laid off in 2009. Even though Mary was laid of from AUHSD, she continued to offer her support as a volunteer. In fact, she is still a volunteer up to the present day! She has done our Lexington's Lion Awards since 2006, which is an awards ceremony honoring our students for their academic excellence and growth. This task requires a great amount of work with emphasis on details and accuracy. Mary has also assisted with our school wide planners. In addition, she serves on our AUHSD's Superintendent Advisory Committee. There is no greater or more loyal friend to Lexington than Mary Sanchez. Maria Lopez, Loara High School… Mrs. Lopez is an exemplary parent-leader. She is highly involved and active in the Loara community. She is the current PTSA president and one of our Parent Leadership Academy parent educators. She attends and volunteers in many school events and ensures that we have other parents involved by reaching out and getting them involved in various functions on campus. She positively works with stakeholders to build a culture of parent involvement at Loara. She assists with Coffee with the Principal and is also a member of the School Site Council. Mrs. Lopez also took charge in organizing our Parent Garage Sales that allowed for PTSA and various clubs to fundraise. She is resourceful and determined to complete tasks that benefit the students, teachers or the school as a whole. She has been able to maintain consistent parent support through the relationships she has built with other parents. There is no doubt that Mrs. Lopez is a true friend of education, and we value and appreciate all that she has accomplished in such a short tie. We are very fortunate to have her! David Pugsley and Nathan Zug, Magnolia High School… David took time out of his busy schedule to come to Magnolia High School on a Saturday to help the agriculture club make raised beds for our vegetables. He helped our teachers and students plant trees and he contributed to making this beautiful garden area on campus. The community service of David Pugsley involves contribution of several KABOOM playground builds, participation with Magnolia Baptist Church’s (MBC) Labor of Love campaigns, Egg-strasvaganza at Magnolia High School, Love Anaheim community presence through MBC, and partnership with Operation 29:11 - A local nonprofit that serves the Native American reservations in New Mexico and Arizona. Most significant of these contributions is the founding support for organizing, building, and initial operations of the West Anaheim community garden, "Common Ground". Dave is a member of Magnolia Baptist Church, a resident of West Anaheim, and a caring citizen who contributes goodness and kindness to the community he lives in. Nathan Zug does an amazing job with MHS. He brightens up the school whenever he comes. He used to have kids who attended MHS, and continues to come volunteer as much as he can. He includes us with "Love Anaheim" projects, and always encourages our students to get involved. Nathan comes to MHS for our Servathon events, and he helps us organize projects for our school and the community. Nathan's heart is enormous! He came to support our students and staff when one of our students passed away this year. He just joined in and helped us spread the love to everyone. Nathan also came to MHS on a Saturday Academy day to help the Agriculture Club with our new garden. He jumps right in and goes the extra mile to beautify our campus! Nathan makes our hearts happy and his love is felt at MHS and in Anaheim! Marta Baltazar, Miroslaba Baltazar and Rosa Bahena, Orangeview Junior High School…It is my pleasure to recognize and honor Marta Baltazar, Miroslaba Baltazar, and Rosa Bahena. All three have demonstrated, through their countless hours of service, their passion and dedication for our community. They have been active community members with the following groups: PTSA, SSC, LCAP and our Parent Greeter Program. We can always count on all three to help plan and organize parent events on our campus and all have always been very supportive. Mrs. Marta Baltazar, Mrs. Miroslaba Baltazar and Mrs. Rosa Bahena are exemplary parents as evident by their involvement with Orangeview JHS, but more importantly by the success of their children, Ariany, Cuatutemoc, and Vanessa. We are very grateful to have such wonderful parents here at Orangeview Junior High. Alejandro Peralta, Oxford Academy…Alejandro Peralta has been instrumental in our Engineering Competitions. He has provided valuable instruction and constructive criticism to the self established leaders of the teams. Alejandro has been a true friend of the district and an inspiration for other mentors to imitate his actions. For all of his involvement over the last several years, Alejandro Peralta has represented Oxford Academy in a positive light and is an example of what a mentor should be. His relationship with the students at Oxford is above reproach in his endeavors to help build the STEM program with competitions involving FRC, VEX, JPL Invention Challenge, OC Maker Challenge just to name a few. All this on top of his full time job at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Thank you, Alejandro, for all of your efforts in project based learning. The students "get it." Bob Blanton, Polaris High School…Bob Blanton began working with our students in 2013 as a liaison with the Fullerton Arboretum. He helped us to establish a continued relationship with the Arboretum which supplies our community garden with plants, seeds and gardening advice. This year, Bob has held multiple workshops, teaching our students the basics of building. They are now using these skills to construct a chicken coop in our garden. This project has brought many of our students closer together and helped us to promote healthy living and good nutrition. Angie Gomez, Savanna High School…Angie Gomez is an asset to our Savanna High School community. You will often seen “Miss Angie” on campus with a smile on her face and an undying willingness to help. She is loved by the students and families she serves and has built a reputation of trust and compassion through her interactions with our faculty and staff. A the City of Anaheim Project Say lead, Angie has clearly embraced her role as a caring adult mentor for our students. She participates in our Educational Monitoring Team meetings and provides valuable feedback on how best to support struggling students. Her passion and dedication to helping our youth is evident in the long hours she works. Working weekends, evenings, and during breaks. Angie is always willing to go the extra mile to serve the students of Brookhurst and Savanna. Students who know Miss Angie know that she is there to help them become the best version of themselves. She helps them develop leadership, problem-solving, goal setting skills, and encourages them to be leaders and productive members in their community. Thank you for all you do for our students and our families!! Pastor Chang Hoon Ahn and Bob Ahn , South Junior High School…Over the past three years, Mission Community Church has been an integral member of the South Family. Pastor Chang Hoon Ahn and Community Outreach Director Bob Ahn reach out to South several times each year to ask “What else can we do for your students and families?” Each year they have supported South’s Winter Service Project aimed to help South families in need during the holiday season by donating money, personal care items, and gifs for the children in those families. Mission Community Church has also sponsored the monthly Mentoring Program breakfasts or lunches that allow our staff mentors to spend time and enjoy a meal with their student mentees who benefit from having a positive role model in their lives. Mission church has also provided meeting space for our students and staff to use for retreats and meetings, welcoming us with open arms and a friendly smile. The families of Mission Community Church have embraced our students, families, and staff and we are very appreciative of all that they for us. Thank you Pastor Ahn and members of Mission Community Church for being a part of our South Family! Martha Cabezas and Norma Marquez, Sycamore Junior High School…Mrs. Cabezas, or “Doña Martha” as she is endearingly known to the youth in her neighborhood, is a pillar to the Sycamore and East Anaheim community. She is an unassuming leader with a heart of gold. Even though her youngest child is now a freshman at Anaheim, Martha continues to serve Sycamore selflessly as a Parent Leadership Academy Facilitator, PTSA Secretary, Parent Greeter, and Farmer’s Market lead. She is equally involved at Anaheim and has recently undertaken the task of helping parent volunteers find a voice and place at the high school. Martha is a solid figure in the parent engagement movement that is currently underway in East Anaheim. When asked to pilot the Parent Leadership Academy for the entire AUHSD, Martha did not hesitate. Two years later, she continues to share her knowledge and insights of the education system with other parents so that they too can become solid advocates and leaders in their children’s education. Mrs. Cabezas does not shy away from working directly with our youth. She helped a few of her son’s friends graduate high school last year by providing them words of encouragement, academic guidance, and her home as a safe place to be themselves. It is impossible to measure everything that Martha has done for our community. We would not be the Sycamore we are today without her. Norma Marquez has grown from a reserved parent volunteer to an outspoken advocate for Sycamore and a seasoned Parent Leadership Academy facilitator. Norma has dedicated three years and countless hours to improving Sycamore’s campus culture, as well as, to developing opportunities for parents and students. She currently serves as PTSA’s 1st Vice President of Membership, as a PLA Facilitator, Parent Greeter, and Farmer’s Market lead. Norma is a constant, positive presence on campus and is loyal to the Sycamore brand. Norma has helped create the shift to a college-going culture by speaking with parents and convincing them to take part in programs like PLA and campus tours. Norma never shows up to events alone-she always brings new parents along. Also, Sycamore's PTSA's Teacher membership has reached a perfect 100% under Norma's watch. Sycamore is blessed to have Norma as a parent, advocate, and partner. Patty Gray, Walker Junior High School...Patty Gray is an incredible member of the Walker team. She serves as our PTSA President and so much more. She is on campus daily helping out with whatever needs to be taken care of. She is smart and incredibly capable. Her work on both the PTSA fundraiser and the school fundraiser helped us bring in more money than we imagined was possible. She has excellent ideas and thinks through how to implement them before bringing them to the table. Patty has been an incredible blessing to the Walker family. Nelly Mujica, Western High School… Nelly is a vital part of parent involvement here at Western. She took over the PTSA when the president had to step down and she has been an active part of ELAC for the past two years. She is everywhere--from basketball games to parent meetings--working hard and supporting the Western community. She is a wonderful example for her daughter as well as other parents. She truly represents the best of our parents and Western. Dr. Mark Ellis and Marco Rivas, District…Dr. Mark Ellis, Professor, Secondary Education at California State University, Fullerton, has been a long-time partner and advocate for building our capacity to meet the needs and aspirations of our math students and teachers! He was the lead researcher in the Transforming Academic and Cultural Identiad through Biliteracy (TACIB), a three year re-search to develop and study the impact of a dual-language (English-Spanish) math and science pathway. This partnership brought together Math and science teachers from Anaheim Elementary School District and Sycamore and South junior highs. Mark has also been instrumental in guiding AUHSD math teachers in strengthening their instructional practices using research-based methodologies through professional development and mentoring student teachers. AUHSD has increased the number of National Board Certified teachers due in part to our partnership with Mark in this project. More recently, through the Titan Educator program, Mark has been instrumental in bringing additional training to our math teachers in order to support their implementation of the Math Practice Standards in their classroom and to our administrators so that they will recognize instruction that supports student growth in these practices. We appreciate our partnership with Dr. Mark Ellis and his dedication to bringing these opportunities to AUHSD and look forward to continue our work together for many years to come! Mr. Rivas has proven to be invaluable in supporting the goals and work of the District’s key initiatives. As the DELAC president, he has participated in rich dialogue with parents and school and district staff discussing best practices, services, and program options for newcomer and long-term EL students. Mr. Rivas is also an advocate for biliteracy and understands the value of building upon the language and cultural assets of our students. He has taken a lead role in organizing and empowering the parents of the district and encourages them to participate in the development and revision of the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP). He also was instrumental in advising the Education Division on the creation of the district’s first Parent Leadership Academy, which are now in place at schools district-wide. He promotes other learning opportunities for parents, such as learning walks, evening workshops, community forums and other informational meetings that support the social, emotional and academic needs of the students and makes sure that these are presented in the languages that the parents understand. Our district is so very fortunate to have had his support and leadership these past years and we look forward to many more years of his service to the our community.






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This week is the National Poison Control Week. Poisoning is the #1 cause of injury-related death in the U.S. Since 1962, the President of the United States has proclaimed the third week of March as National Poison Prevention Week to raise awareness about the dangers of poisonings and how to prevent them. For more information see link below http://www.aapcc.org/prevention/tobacco-liquid-nicotine/






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Join us as Magnolia High School JROTC is sponsoring a conference for students and parents, to discuss the city's response to the Homeless Crisis in our community. Accordingly, we hope to identify ways to engage our service clubs in support of Anaheim's collaborative efforts to provide for the needs of this growing population. The conference, "Anaheim Reaches Out To The Homeless--An Opportunity to Serve,' will take place on Wednesday, March 22nd from 2:45-4:45 pm at Magnolia High School Little Theater. Presenters at the event will me Ms. Zanganeh and Mr. Zug from Anaheim Homeless Collaborative and Officer Conklin who works with APD Homeless Outreach Team. http://www.anaheim.net/2374/Addressing-Homelessness






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Beginning next school year, AUHSD will be the first public school district in Orange County to begin offering Arabic language classes! Learning Arabic, which has been declared a strategic language, will increase students’ global connectedness and employability. The Arabic program is being funded through a special grant that will be offered at Western High School (Anaheim, California)






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Here's one of the many reasons Gilbert High School was recently selected as a Model Continuation School by the State of California! Thanks to amazing art teacher Judi Wilson for this artistic collaboration.






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Join us on Sunday, March 19 as Anaheim Public Library foundation hosts its 22nd Annual Mystery Authors Luncheon. Shelia Taylor Lowe, an Anaheim High School alumni, will be one of the three award-winning writers featured at this event. Attached is a flyer with more information.






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It's great to see alumni give back to the community. We recently honored Jim Fassel from Class of '67 for his donation of approximately $250,000 in equipment for a new fitness center on the Anaheim High School campus. Jim, who is best known as the former head coach of NFL New York Giants football team, was once a student here in our District. Jim continues to honor his father, Bud Fassel, for his years of service to Anaheim High School through an annual scholarship for a top male and female athlete. Here is a short video of what he had to say. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6S9tjAMQP-Y&feature=youtu.be






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We love sharing students accomplishments and knowing that our schools and partnerships with programs such as Tiger Woods Foundation have helped our students succeed. We share with you an article about identical twins Erica and Jessica River. Both alumni of Savanna High School Official share how despite adversity, they are now freshmen at Stanford University. Their love for math has opened many doors. The twins acknowledge that their family's struggles have shaped them, but they refuse to let it define them. "Besides having to learn how to live with a variety of disadvantages, I learned to live with hope," Jessica explained. "Education was the one thing that allowed me to escape from the horrible conditions that I was living in." They said that classes like food science, photography and their favorite, the College Bound Academy, exposed them to possibilities for college and beyond. We hope that this article can bring some inspiration to those students who are pursuing big dreams. Remember to dare to dream big. http://www.tigerwoodsfoundation.org/newsfeed/article/219478826/meet-erica--jessica-rivera-unexpected-champions/






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Trustee Al Jabbar is working with the City of Anaheim- Municipal Government on a Bike-a-Thon that will benefit athletics and clubs at Anaheim High School. Fun fundraiser! Join us!






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Dozens of fortunate AUHSD students will have the opportunity to be mentored by top Southern California CEOs who are members of YPO, the premier leadership organization of chief executives. At the invitation of Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait, the CEOs are investing their time and talents in AIME, or Anaheim's Innovative Mentoring Experience. Worldwide, YPO’s 24,000 members employ more than 15 million people and are responsible for more than $6 trillion in combined revenue. AUHSD students will be mentored by members of the Southern California chapter, which is comprised of leaders of significant local and national firms. For more information about the event that will be held on March 23rd please visit: http://www.oc-breeze.com/2017/03/13/97830_top-ceos-participate-anaheims-innovative-mentoring-experience-march-23/






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We are so proud of our teachers that are collaborating with SETI Institute along with SOFIA Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy. We have eight High School Physics or Earth Science teachers from 6 schools that have been selected for NASA Sofia Flight and Professional Development. The schools that are participating are Cypress High School, Gilbert High School, Katella High School, John F. Kennedy High School (La Palma, California), Magnolia High School, and Western High School (Anaheim, California) Principal Investigator Dr. Dana Backman said, “These teachers can then convey to their students the wide range of professional expertise needed to support that research, from engineering to technology to mathematics, and perhaps see themselves someday in one of those roles.” If you would like to read more about this wonderful opportunity here is the link: http://www.seti.org/seti-institute-announces-2017-2018-educators-airborne-astronomy-program






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Please join us at this year's Color and Light: Art and Photography Exhibition. That will take place at Muzeo. This is a fantastic way to showcase the creative talents of our visual arts students! We look forward to your participation in this event.






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Please help us in recognizing Sharon Yager from Magnolia High School in her accomplishment of having quit smoking & being tobacco free for over a year. We honor her character and persistence to be tobacco free. Tobacco Use Education Program (TUPE) and Friday Night Live (FNL) surprised her with a certificate and a vase full of positive affirmations. She has inspired them to make healthier life choices. Sharon said, "I am very humbled by this, I feel much healthier and happier now that I have quit." If you would like more information about how to quit or to find out when the next Kick Butts Day, click on the link provided. https://youtu.be/goR7FJ8J1U4 http://www.kickbuttsday.org/about/






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The resolution outlines existing laws and policies that prohibit schools from sharing student information and prevent federal enforcement at schools and other sensitive locations.






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Anaheim High School is known as the Jewel of the Colony and for a long time the campus pool helped it shine.






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We would like to recognize Elvia Preciado who is one of the finalists in the 2017 Classified School Employee of the Year Program. "This year nominees demonstrated a level of commitment and dedication that is vital to the success of students and teachers," said Orange County Board of Education. Elvia's who is a Senior Admin at South Junior High truly lives up to this year's motto at South, "We Are South, We are Family" South Junior High School - AUHSD Principal had this to say about Elvia "One can be a great leader by working hard, being dedicated, and doing one's job efficiently, but when one leads with their heart, special things happen. I do believe that nobody is irreplaceable, however, if Elvia ever left South Junior High, there is no doubt that it would be close to impossible finding someone who would have the same positive impact on our South family." Matthew Bidwell who recommended her as this years 2017 CSEY said, "She built my confidence in seeking grants and providing projects for my students that I had only dreamed could be possible... In the three years that I've known Elvia, she has taught me that our strength as a school lies in our ability to work together." Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to staff and students, Elvia.






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Nearly one-hundred students from AUHSD participated in the OCTA Careers in Transportation Expo last week. During this event, students had the opportunity to speak with representatives from the many careers within the transportation industry, including data collection, accounting, engineering, construction, transportation planning, communications, and more. Students also learned about scholarships and internships available from OCTA and other organizations associated with transportation. The students who attended are enrolled in Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathways at their high schools, meaning they are taking a sequence of courses to build expertise in a career field. From Loara High School, students in both the accounting and computer science CTE pathways attended. Western High School (Anaheim, California) student from the media production arts pathway also attended, along with students in engineering and transportation pathways at Anaheim High School. Our students represented the district well, taking full advantage of the event to talk with the presenters, and several took advantage of mock interviews to build their communication skills






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AUHSD will be honoring "KICK BUTTS Day on March 10, 2017. Kick Butts Day is a national day of activism that empowers youth to stand out, speak up and seize control against Big Tobacco. This day is seen as the national day to stop smoking for good. The organization is expecting more than 1,000 events in schools and communities across the United States and around the world. On Kick Butts Day, teachers, youth leaders and health advocates organize events to: *Raise awareness of the problem of tobacco use in their state or community; *Encourage youth to reject the tobacco industry's deceptive marketing and stay tobacco-free; and *Urge elected officials to take action to protect kids from tobacco.






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Please join us in congratulating our Superintendent Michael Matsuda for being selected as this year California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE) Administrator of the year. Michael will be honored at the CABE conference Award Luncheon, on Thursday, March 30th If you would like to attend we have provided it below: http://www.cabe2017.gocabe.org/ #letscelebrate #auhsd #leadingtheway






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High School Students, the California State PTA Board is looking for student members and this means you! Will you be between 16 & 19 on July 1? Then apply at https://capta.org/resource/california-state-pta-seeks-student-leadership/ This is an amazing life experience, looks great on college aps, and we really value your contribution to our state leadership. Parents and AUHSD staff, please encourage students to apply. Applications due by March 15!






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We are incredibly proud of our students for their acts of kindness and compassion. Our Anaheim High School students raised over $10,000 for Pennies for Patients, which is a part of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. This was a school-wide effort where many teachers had their own class competitions in hopes of being the overall "Champion of Change." The school was inspired by three teachers and Assistant Principal who shared their story about cancer.






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Help us in congratulating our three District Teachers of the Year! First we have Alfonso Rodriguez from Anaheim High School, he is a 16 year veteran who teaches U.S. History and AP U.S. History. Then we have John Bautista from Katella High School who has been teaching English for 15 years. Lastly but not least we have Emilia Leon from Ball JHS Blackhawks who is in her 23rd year of teaching art We are sharing with you their reactions to being surprised with this wonderful announcement. Once again please help us congratulate them for this wonderful accomplishment. Without their hard work and dedication AUHSD would not be what it is today. http://ow.ly/t5oY309xcIE