District Campus Directory

501 N. Crescent Way, P.O. Box 3520
Anaheim, California 92803-3520
(714) 999-3511



Board of Trustees


Paulina Morales


Michael Matsuda

Connie Cobian

Asst. Supt., Educational Services

Jaron Fried, Ed.D.

Maribel Melena

Chief Academic Officer

Manuel Colón

Lucy Lopez

Asst. Supt., Business

Jennifer Root

Estela Rodriguez

Asst. Supt., Human Resources 804
(714) 999-3677

Brad Jackson

Liliana Carrillo

District Counsel


Christina Bevins

Accounting Manager

Karen Orr


Administrator, GASELPA

Paul Lavigne, Ed.D.

Jessica Barba

Asst. Director, Facilities Planning

Arturo Lavenant


Asst. Director, Facilities Construction

Vesselin Ninov


Asst. Director, Nutrition Services

Tiffanie Bas


Chief Technology Officer

Erik Greenwood

Michelle Eichenauer


Habib Tahmas

Dayna Arbiso

Coordinator, Professional Learning

Jackie Counts


Coordinator, School Mental Health & McKinney-Vento/Foster Youth

Adela Cruz


Coordinator, Special Youth Services

Cherylin Lew O.T.D.


District & Community Use Manager

Lynn Nakayama


Director, Assessment & Evaluation

Stephanie Henry, Ed.D.

Teresa Rodarte

Director, English Learner & Multilingual Svcs.

Renae Bryant, Ed.D.

Laura Rosales

Director, Business Operations

Jeri Chinarian

Angel Dam

Director, Curriculum & Instruction

Carlos Hernandez

Patty Arredondo

Director, Facilities Planning, Design, & Construction

Patricia Neely

Leticia Hauck

Director, Food Services

Orlando Griego

Sherry Alamia

Director, Human Resources

Darrick Garcia

Jeannette Landgraf

Director, Maintenance & Operations

Lance Bidnick

Rochelle Atwood

Director, Risk Management & Insurance

Diana Gaeta


Director, Purchasing & Central Services

Brad Minami

Joanie Taurman

Director, Special Programs

Susan Stocks, Ed.D.

Linda Lavamaki

Director on Special Assignment

Joseph Carmona


Director, Special Youth Services

Celeste Krueger

Angelica Flores

Director, Student Support Services

Shanna Egans, Ed.D.

Sandra Ramirez

Director, Transportation Services

Matt Thomas

Patty Prieto

Education Technology Supervisor

Matthew Cappeluti


Employee Relations Analyst

Melanie Thomasson


Energy Manager

Juliann Ferguson


Executive Director, Classified Personnel

Brandon Tietze

Jeff Gilbert

Food Service Site Manager II

Roger Evers


Food Service Manager II

Alex Lopez


Garage Supervisor

Scott McDonough


Human Resources Analyst

Marie Ragazzo


Human Resources Analyst

Eugene Gorenshteyn


Maintenance Manager

Al Guerrero


Maintenance Foreman

George Moreno


Network and Program Manager

Hector Saldivar


Nutrition Services Operations Supervisor

Jane Maerki


Nutrition Services Operations Supervisor

Julie Thrum


Nutrition Services Operations Supervisor

Thomas Bonikowski


Operations Supervisor

Don Bigelow


Payroll Supervisor

Erin Baker


Program Administrator, Attendance & Safety

Ramon Palomino


Program Administrator, Career Readiness

Scott Reindl


Program Administrator, Int’l Student Relations

David Green


Project Manager



Public Information Officer

Pat Karlak


Site Custodian Supervisor I

Jeff Jackman


Warehouse Supervisor

Richard Erb


2018 Board of Trustees
Al Jabbar, President
Brian O’Neal, Clerk
Annemarie Randle-Trejo, Assistant Clerk
Anna L. Piercy, Member
Katherine H. Smith, Member

2018 Personnel Commission
Paul Andresen, Chairperson
Charles Darrington, Vice-Chairperson
Audrey Cherep, Commissioner
Brandon Tietze, Executive Director